Blogging Tips For Beginners in 2020

  1. Be Consistent At Your Work:
    If you are running a Blog , then it is necessary to be Consistent. Consistency is the keyword to become successful in any field in this World .

Many people start Blogging for the two main reasons : money and fame, because of which their focus gets shifted towards : ways to make money while blogging.

Be Consistent while posting content your blog to be successful.

Consistency Leads To Success
Consistency Leads To Success
Newbie Bloggers experience a common problem of choosing their Niche.

More narrower the category will be, more the opportunities will be there
To find profitable Niche, You should try to solve your own problem first and if you are able to get the solutions, then you can took it as an opportunity to start a blog on it

This is just because of the lack of interest on your topic or the lack of reading.

  1. Use Catchy Blog Title
    There is a idiom “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But in reality …people do so . Same goes with a Blog – people Judge the content of the post on the basis of the Title of the Blog post.

Writing a high quality content is not worth if your Head Line is not Catchy and Attractive .Title of your Post be Reader and Seo Friendly.Here is a list of tools that’ll help you create better headlines.

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  1. Publish Unique Content
    Publish Unique Content
    Publish Unique Content
    Don’t ever try to copy content from anywhere

Posting Scraped Content will make an impact on your website’s presence in the search engines and it will also diminish the User Experience. The Content on your website must be Unique as it influences the positioning of your website. Unique Content refers to Original Content.

Content is King !

  1. Install Important Plugins
    There are more than 50,000 plugins available for WordPress website which makes it difficult for the Newbies to select and install the Plugins on the website as per their requirement.

Using the right WordPress Plugins can help you in growing and boosting your website with less manual effort required.

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Blogging Tips For Beginners that Actually Works – Ahrefs

  1. Provide some Value to your Audience
    Focus on Providing Value to your Audience
    If you want your users to be returning users or to visit your website by searching for your website name.Make sure that with your content, you are Providing some sort of value to your audience.

To make your Blog successful – Identify and Focus on the customer segment where you can provide more value and enhance audience experience than your competitors.

  1. Include Videos to get more Engagements
    Videos are an amazing way to grab your Audience attention and improve Engagement on your site.

Use of Video helps you to keep users on your website as people love to watch Video to consume content as Videos are the most engaging form of content on the internet.

  1. Follow your Passion
    Are you having a Blog on a Niche on which you are not Interested ?

If you don’t then it’s really Great.

If you selected a niche in which your doesn’t lies , you won’t be scale it as the things with less or no Interests are ignored after a period of time. Always select a Niche in which you are interested .

Though I am not a great /known Blogger , I think somehow the Beginner Blogging Tips and resources shared above will help you in accelerating your growth in your Blogging Journey .

If you have any queries or suggestions for us , Feel Free to Comment Below or Contact us .

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